What makes a wedding photo special to me

I am often asked what it is that makes a picture special to me. You could ask 100 different photographers the same question and get as many different answers. For me, it depends on the shoot but it is typically a combination of factors that include mood, lighting, environment, and pose. Sometimes it is unexplainable and the photo simply draws you to it. In this post I'd like to show a few of my favorite wedding photos, how they were taken and what makes them special to me.

After a great ceremony and a half hour of shooting portraits, this couple was ready to relax and get the party underway. I saw Mikalai grab the champagne as I got in my car and shot this through the windshield before they could get away. Luckily he saw me and I had a quick second to grab this picture before they could escape to the reception.


This photo is a great example of why I love shooting candid photos. A young girl waits inside the trolley with the wedding party. The lines from the row of windows leads you to her looking out the window. It was a very nice moment that was captured by being very aware of my surroundings. Black and white conversion was done to emphasize the lighting and feel of the picture.

James and Maryellen were married on a very sunny September day and this picture really shows how happy they were on that day. It has bursts of color with the matching flowers on the arch, bouquet, boutonniere and headband all visible. The grass of the pier, the water from the river and the sky all add to color that helps make this one of my favorites.

Taking group pictures at a reception can be very challenging, let alone candids of a group that is on the dance floor. The groom was huddled up and there was no way to get a good photo from normal standing position so I raised my camera up above my head and was able to get shot I wanted. I feel that it really captures the happiness they were all feeling and looking at it puts you back into that moment.